Eileen Eder

Workshops and Classes

Getting Attention

How to compose a still life that will make people stop and look.

2 Day Workshop: March 30 -31, 2016 9am - 4pm

Register for this workshop through West Hartford Art League, http://westhartfordart.org/classes/

Looking ahead - Spring /Summer

Spring Landscape Painting Workshop

May 15-19, 2016 (rain dates: May 20 & 21), 8am - 12pm

The workshop will begin with some advance instruction (images, videos, lessons) via email to save time during class painting times. There will be a new lesson each day along with a brief demo to illustrate the lesson. We will meet at 2 or 3 different locations during the week.

Materials list will be sent upon registration.
Plein Air painting locations, to be announced, will likely be between Guilford and Clinton.
Class cost is $250.
Space will be limited.
To register for this class, email me directly at eileeneder@mac.com.

Landscape Workshop

3 Days on the Lieutenant River

June 3 - 5, 2016 (plus 6th for rain date)
Hours 8:30 -12 with instructor
Afternoons for continued work on your own

The Lieutenant River snakes through some of the most beautiful natural areas of Old Lyme. We’ll locate our plein air group at 2 or 3 different locations where you can easily get a great view that will inspire you for painting.

Our group will meet at the Lyme Art Association at 8:30 am then car pool or caravan to a chosen location. Instruction will be given on several aspects of plein air painting that will help you develop a great painting. A brief time of instruction and demos will start the day followed by several hours of painting time. You can end mid-day or continue into the afternoon.

Materials list, advance instruction, videos and images will be sent upon registration.
Workshop cost is $250.
To register for this class, email me directly at eileeneder@mac.com.


Lyme Art Association

Wednesdays, 9 - 12 am, February 17 - March 23
The 6 week class is $250
Want to be a better painter? Good drawing skills are essential! Through a series of weekly exercises you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to kick your painting up a level or be prepared to become a painter. This class will cover the basics as well as more advanced skills including shading techniques. All levels welcome.

To register for this class, email me directly at eileeneder@mac.com.


Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

1- 4 pm, 6 classes, March 7 - April 11
This course will cover the essential skills needed to make compelling paintings with luminosity and depth. Students will work from a still life set up, which is ideal for an artist wanting to improve their skills. Having control of light and subject allows an artist to focus on painting techniques and learn valuable lessons that can then be applied to both figure and landscape painting.

Each class will begin with a brief lesson, followed by a series of demonstrations. Focus will be given to composition, distinguishing and simplifying light and shadow, brushwork, the importance of edges and mixing color. Homework and additional instruction via the Internet is added to double one’s learning. This class is recommended for students of all levels who want individual instruction and the energy generated by working within a group. Students will find their work improving steadily.


Pre College - Intro To Oil Painting

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

5- 7 pm, 6 classes, March 7 - April 11
This class will introduce beginning and intermediate students to the joys (and challenges) of oil painting. Starting with the basics of handling the material, students will learn concepts of good composition and design, basic color theory, how to see and mix correct values and colors, as well as methods for applying oil paint. Students will receive step-by-step guidance and individual feedback. By the end of the six-week session, students can expect to master the foundation skills needed to continue to more advanced courses and have completed an oil painting they will be proud of.